Can Genetically Modified (GM) crops help to improve food security in India?

Maria Teresa Silva Porto and Brittany Urick

india-green-revolutionFood security ranks among the most pressing and inertial problems in India. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, India’s malnutrition rate has hovered around 20% over the past decade and is projected to remain stable through 2022. One might assume that malnutrition results from insufficient food production, but India is actually a net exporter of agricultural products. Storage and distribution are the primary obstacles, as a significant percentage of food meant for domestic consumption – especially in rural regions with poorer populations – never reaches its intended destination.

To determine whether genetically modified (GM) crops can help improve food security in India we must understand the following: what GM crops are, risks associated with GM crops, the direct and indirect ways in which GM crops relate to food security in India, and whether GM crops can alleviate the true causes of food insecurity.

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